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Day 7

Wednesday 10 August 2005

Katberg Hotel, Katberg - Rhodes Hotel, Rhodes

After yesterday's light shower of rain we were relieved to find the skies clearing as we left the Katberg Hotel. This, however, did cause some rather exciting driving for our 4x4s over muddy, rutted tracks. We were gaining height all the time, topping out at almost 7,000ft.

We all arrived in Rhodes without any problems, to be greeted by our very charming hostess, Annie, owner of the Rhodes Hotel. Each crew was given a very warm welcome at each of their guesthouses in the village that stretched a maximum of 100 metres in each direction and had a population of only 22, including Dafydd from Little Britain. The hotel was a real surprise: very colonial and looking as if nothing had changed for over 50 years with its traditional wooden floor boards, which creaked like a horror movie front door. The Wild West stage bar and roaring fire were a real success.

As the sun went down and the temperature dropped, everyone moved to the colonial dining room, where the evening meal consisted of an impressive sheep roast, with most of Rhodes' population also involved in the gathering. The evening, for many, finished late - with dancing in and on the bar. As we left for the guesthouses we were treated to a wonderful display of stars. No light pollution here!