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Day 6

Tuesday 9 August 2005

Protea Hotel Marine, Port Elizabeth - Katberg Hotel, Katberg

We set off particularly early today, in order to spend longer in the Addo Elephant Park. The park itself is home to many different species as well as 400 of the rare smaller breeds of elephant. The wildlife is protected by a large enclosure from poachers and other dangers, while still being able to roam freely within the large area.

We reached the park at just gone 07:00 and immediately saw a rhino. Unfortunately, due to the park ranger taking a while to go through the formalities issuing our permits, we were unable to get close enough to take a picture of it - so no photographic evidence, you will just have to take our word for it!

During our drive around the Park we saw warthogs, impalas, vervet monkeys, a mongoose, zebras, a type of deer we couldn't identify, a jackal and more ostriches. The only disappointment was that we didn't see an elephant, but most participants were more successful than us. However, we are sure to see some as we get further into the event.

After we left the Elephant Park, we said a final goodbye to the Indian Ocean as the route took us in a northerly direction to the Zuurberg Pass, which has spectacular views. A quick lunch stop in the Zuurberg Mountain Inn saw us on our way down a poorly maintained (but not too rough) gravel road to the Carlisle Bridge and across the rolling uplands of the Douglas Heights to Fort Beaufort.

Our overnight halt was at the mountain resort of the Katberg Hotel, where we all snuggled around the roaring fire to warm ourselves for the cold mountain night ahead.