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Day 14

Wednesday 17 August 2005
Sabi Sabi Rest Day

With most people having got a taste for the game drives the evening before, everyone was up early this morning to hunt out some more wildlife, which Sabi Sabi has in plentiful supply, including the Big Five.

Of the Five, elephants and rhinos came out in abundance and were very camera-friendly. It was only in the afternoon, however, that reports came in about some lion sightings, and so on the second drive of the day, most people managed to see a whole pride taking an afternoon nap. Taking yesterday's leopard into account, only the buffalo remained elusive, although some lucky participants spotted a few grazing about.

Many also enjoyed walking through the Reserve, which raised a few thrills - although no one ended up featuring in their own Tarzan film. Otherwise, the lodges proved excellent places to lounge, read, write postcards, and catch up on a bit of sleep.

In the evening, the group enjoyed another fine meal in the lodges' firelit Bomas and took merry advantage of the free bar.