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La Aventura Panamericana - Day 31 blog
Hola Hero!

It has taken this long for Car Seven to recuperate, or at least the non-English member of the crew who had the worst journey in the world, to get from Panama to Cape Town via New York.
Mar 5, 2007

La Aventura Panamericana - Day 30 blog
Today we drive from San José to El Bambito.

After a short night of rest we got up at 04.15. We had breakfast at 05.00 and left the hotel at 05.45. We drove through a dark and quiet San José. We filled our car up with diesel and drove out of the city into the mountains.
Mar 5, 2007

La Aventura Panamericana - Day 28 Blog
Brrrrr… Brrrrr… Brrrrr…
Who invented mobile phones that vibrate their wake up call? It is 5.45am in Tegucigalpa and the sun has not yet made its feeble awakening. We blink our weary eyes and struggle out from underneath our warm blankets. We are in Honduras at the start of Day 28 of our Central American dash.
Dec 14, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana Day 24
It is nearly 06: 00 when we leave the hotel Villa Maya in Flores. Unfortunately because Arnold couldn’t believe that crocodiles are in the lake and he had to cancel his swim…! [more]
Dec 14, 2006

Day 21 Aventura Panamericana
Today started at 04.45 Tulum. We had mislaid the tulips to get the 1.63 kms from Room 6115 in Block D, under Blocks C & B, past the tennis courts on the left and the Colonial Restaurant on the right, avoiding the Tope at 1.34 kms to emerge in the reception area, and all in pitch darkness. [more]
Dec 5, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana Day 20
When we wrote on Day 4 that we wanted to remain at the Marquis Hotel, Los Cabos, on the southern tip of Baja California, we had no idea of the wonderful places
we were still to see in Mexico.
Dec 4, 2006

After an eventful night with car alarms going off, late pub crawlers seeking shelter in the early hours of the morning (you know who you are..) and local craftsman commencing with their daily routines it did not result in the long AWAITED lie-in. [more]
Dec 4, 2006

(With apologies to Robert Browning)
All close relationships are inevitably put to a severe test by the simple act of sharing a confined space for any length of time. Thus I had great feelings of trepidation when Sir Terence English – whose friendship I greatly value – suggested that I should accompany him on “La Aventura Panamericana”.
Dec 4, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day 16 Blog
Janet & John are in Mexico on one of Mr Brown’s Adventure Drives. Mr Brown looks better today. For some days he has lost his voice. Mr Brown drives round the route with one of the medical team. Some nasty people started a rumour that the Medicine Man put some evil spirits in one Mr Brown’s Margahritas so he would loose his voice, so the Medicine Man could have some peace and quiet. Janet and John didn’t believe this. [more]
Nov 29, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day 15 Blog

If participants didn't know what a Tope is. They know after today. They come in several colors and sometimes stripes, sometimes they are camouflaged. We ran over several hundred today, but you can't kill them. They can do a job on you and your truck, however.
Nov 22, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana Day 13
Low cloud and a big drop in temperature. As we had missed the Monarch butterflies on the way we decided to backtrack to Santario Piedra butterfly reserve. [more]
Nov 21, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day 11 Blog
Basil and Brenda Arkwright are from oop North, they have recently sold their mobile welding business and have joined up with Mr Brown and his group on this Tour of Mexico. They have not been abroad before but have, like the others on this trip, shipped a four-wheel drive vehicle across to do trip in. [more]
Nov 21, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day Ten Blog

Opportunity for a lie in. Then took a taxi into the Historic centre of the city. An interesting taxi ride through all the underground tunnels that were built between 1883 and 1908 to deal with previous flooding.
Nov 20, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day Eight Blog
The roadbook announced over 11 hours of travel, but that probably allowed for ample time during stops as the whole distance was 724 km with a negligible 11 km on gravel. Nevertheless most crews were up early, planning on a departure of around 6 am. Also, we would lose an hour as we would enter into another time-zone. [more]
Nov 20, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day six Blog
We start at 7.30 in a light morning fog. When the fog disappears we are driving under the bright sun of Mexico. Along the road to El Fuerte, we see very old trees and we are amazed about them [more]
Nov 20, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day Five Blog

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise - will be sorry to leave this lovely hotel with the stunning views across the bay.
Nov 20, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day Four Blog
The Marquis hotel in Los Cabos is so magnificent it will take a lot of persuading to make us continue the rally! [more]
Nov 14, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day Three Blog
Loreto to San Jose del Cabo,

Our day started at 06.30. Our journey took us to the outmost south point of the peninsula, a drive of 560 km. of which 106 km were on gravel. The hotel is out of the centre, but the road book leads us back into Loreto village. For the first time in this rally we visited a nice historic town centre, founded in 1697, home to a mission post named ‘Mission the Nuestra Signora de Loreto’. We saw a nice baroque church beside the house/cloister, being a museum now. It opens at 09.00 we only see the outside of the buildings.
Nov 14, 2006

La Aventura Panamericana - Day Two Blog
This will be the shortest write up of the longest day of 915km. We watched the sun rise at breakfast at 05:30 but the first to leave went at 06:00 and the last back in were 23:20. [more]
Nov 13, 2006

La Aventura Panamerican - Day One Blog
So, we've drawn pole position in the Blog status with the task of writing about Day One. [more]
Nov 8, 2006