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Inca Trail
7 Oct - 24 Nov. 2001

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HERO 4x4xplore - the HERO 4x4 Explorers Club is a unique organisation. It arranges Adventure Drives which allow you to take your own classic car or modern 4x4 to some of the world's remotest places. We have already visited the northernmost and southernmost highways in the world, as well as the highest (and lowest!) roads in both the eastern and western hemispheres. Over the years we have taken crews to Machu Picchu and Petra, to Victoria and Iguazu Falls, to Everest and Kilimanjaro, to Lhasa and Cusco, to Rio and Cape Town, to the Kalahari and Atacama Deserts, to Tierra del Fuego and the North Cape, to temperatures of plus 40C and minus 30C.

HERO 4x4xplore is an offshoot of HERO - the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation. Initially, the Adventure Drives were run in conjunction with HERO's famous long distance motor rallies and reliability trials for historic and classic cars - London - Cape Town, the Inca Trail, the Arctic Winter Trial. 2004 saw the first event run solely for a smaller and more select group of 4x4 owners, the Great Tour of China. The event was such a success that it was decided to separate the two functions. In January 2005, HERO and HERO 4x4xplore became independent entities. HERO's founder, legendary rally organiser and navigator John Brown, is now concentrating wholly on the non-competitive Adventure Drives.

The last event HERO 4x4xplore ran was the highly successful Grand Tour of India in October 2007. In just 30 days participants were taken on a 7,600 km/4,700 mi journey, starting and finishing at the famous Gateway to India arch on the waterfront in Mumbai (Bombay). The event visited great cities, unforgettable holy and historic places, breathtaking landscapes and game-rich wildlife parks and traveled on scenic country roads and mountain 4x4 trails deep into rural India.

HERO 4x4xplore's members come from all over the world to take part in our fabulous Adventure Drives. Crews from as far a field as the USA, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, most European countries (including Scandinavia) and not least the UK.

HERO 4x4xplore's trips are not cheap, as we use the finest available hotels and other accommodation - although in remote places that might mean quite primitive! We aim to include a number of special experiences and privileged visits on each trip.

We set high standards of organisation, with a detailed rally-style road book, and mechanical and medical support. Normally we arrange shipping from participants' home ports, included in the entry fee. We make advance arrangements to speed up frontier crossings.

There's a wonderful camaraderie on HERO 4x4xplore events, cutting across nationalities, age groups and backgrounds. Long-term friendships develop, and on every event there is a core of old hands coming together, ready to welcome and help newcomers. .

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