La Aventura Panamericana allowed its entrants to explore one of the most beautiful, fascinating and varied regions on earth: Mexico and Central America. La Aventura Panamericana was an Adventure Drive open to just 25 crews in classic cars or modern 4x4s. It was not a competitive rally, but a challenging event, designed for people who love to drive.

The 11,000 km/7,000 mile route took in most of the region's scenic and historic highlights, as well as some great driving roads and 4x4 trails. We started the event with a three-day, 2,000km run down the wild and scenic peninsula of Baja California, home of the legendary Baja 1000 rally, before taking a ferry across to the Sierra Madre mountains, where a super jeep trail took our participants to the spectacular Copper Canyon.

Our journey eastwards took us to many unspoiled small towns and villages, as well as some wonderful historic cities, rich in sumptuous colonial architecture, such as Zacatecas and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Guanajuato.

A two-day halt allowed the participants to explore the wonders of Mexico City – Aztec, colonial and modern (it’s a shopping paradise) – before continuing, via the historic silver mining town of Taxco,, to Acapulco. We next followed the Pacific coast and enjoyed the lovely scenery of Huatulco.

We next drove through the tropical rainforest mountains of Chiapas province, with rich old cities like San Cristóbal de las Casas and major Maya sites like Palenque; and spent a couple of days in the fabulous peninsula of Yucatan, with its wealth of Mayan sites and other things to see.

In Belize, we paused for a rest day to snorkel or scuba on the world’s second largest (and many say the world’s finest) coral reef. In Guatemala and Honduras and Nicaragua, we passed through misty mountains of primeval rain forest, as well as largely undiscovered Maya sites, old colonial cities and remote villages. In Costa Rica, we drove virtually to the rim of active volcanoes, and swim in hot springs. Finally, our journey ended on Thursday 7 December with a great party at Miraflores Locks, overlooking the famous Panama Canal.

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